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All services include a soothing bath, blow dry, 15-minute brush out, cleaning inside the ears, ear hair removal (upon owner's request),

nail trimming, perfume spritz and an adorable bandana or bows to show off your pups spa day!

Please allow a minimum of 3 to 4 hours per pet to complete grooming services. 

Time may be extended during the holiday season and based on dogs age, coat condition, temperament, etc.

Now Offering:

Build Your Own Bath

Bath and Blow Dry Only

With this service you can add any add-ons to enhance your pets bath 

Does Not include brushing, ear cleaning/plucking, or nail trim

*Just a Simple and Quick bath and blow dry*

The Price for this service is 50% off of the Bath & Brush for your pet's breed 

*See Prices on General Prices tab or call us at 512-256-5044*

*Some Pets could still be damp when going home with this service*

Additional Services 

*Unless marked these services are available alone or add-ons to a base service*

Nail Trims - $20

  • included with Base Service

Nail Dremel - $25

  • ​With Base Service - $15​

Nail Painting - $15


Anal Gland Expression


Exterior gland expression only! Reduces the risk of ruptures.

*With Base Service $12

De-Shed Package


Specialty shampoo & conditioner crafted with Coconut milk, Aloe, Vitamin B, and Wheat Germ to help loosen the undercoat. Combats shedding by adding strength to the hair root.


Accompanied by an unlimited brushout by using tools that are tailored to your pet's coat hair needs.

*must be booked with a base service 

Oral Preventative Care 

  • Teeth Brushing- $15

 Helps aid in reducing excessive build up on teeth.

Holistic Spa Packages

*must be booked with a base service* 

Pomchino Treatment


    . Pomegranate Yogurt shampoo

   . 5 Minute massage


. Scented mist

. Bandana/Bow


This treatment restores proper moisture and hydration, 

while offering a gentle, nourishing, everyday clean. It repairs, and nourishes the skin and coat, leaving your pet’s coat silky soft and looking healthy. It is an excellent choice for dogs with a dry, itchy skin/coat, or allergy-prone skin.


Geritonic Froth Bath


. Whipped Geritonic Shampoo

. 5 Minute massage

.Tooth Brushing

. Nail Dremel

.Scented Mist

. Bandana/Bow


This gentle formula, enriched with menthol and aloe vera, offers soothing relief for sore muscles and joints. It also provides follicle-stimulating benefits for aging dogs without causing irritation.

Fur Flys Deshed Treatment


    . Plant based Deshed Shampoo

. Deshed Conditioner

. Unlimited Brushing

. Bandana/Bow


This treatment is an upgrade from our regular deshed package with a holistic all natural deshedding shampoo. This plant-based formula is crafted with Omega 3, fatty acids, & Vitamin E to eliminate shedding, add shine, and soothe dry itchy skin. Along with an unlimited brushout by using tools that are tailored to your pet's coat hair needs.  This is a great choice for shedding pets with sensitive skin, and allergies. 


*must be booked with a base service*

Basic Upgrades

Holistic Upgrades


  • Enhances white coats



  • Soothes dry/sensitive skin



  • Unscented, no dyes for highly sensitive skin



  • Rehydrates skin and hair

Pomegranate Yogurt

  • Restores Hydration and moisture​​



  • Made with Menthol and Aloe to help to soothe sore muscles and joints

Froth any shampoo for $15

The whipped texture of the shampoo gets your pet the deepest clean possible!

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