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Frequently Asked Questions

Sanitation Standards

We strive to ensure that our salon is clean and sanitized to prioritize pet safety. 


How is your equipment cleaned?

We use a spray disinfectant made for grooming equipment on our tools after each pet. We also use a UV light sanitizer on the tools at the end of every day. We maintain our hair cutting equipment with regular deep cleaning and sharpening. 

Our bathtubs and grooming tables are sanitized between each pet, and deep cleaned nightly.

How long will my pet be there for an appointment?

We generally say each pet will be with us for 4 hrs.  Depending on the condition of your pet's coat, temperament, and size the grooming time may vary. Because we specialize in geriatric and pets with anxiety, that day's grooming times may also vary.  While your pet is here you can always call to check in on them!

If you need your pet done by a certain time please let us know when making your appointment and we will try to accommodate the request. 

To ensure your pet gets a great grooming service we start with a prep of your pet. Next, they will get their bath and blow dry, finishing the drying with our slow dryer. Once your pet is dry, we go over the rest of their service. We can give you an approximate heads up when your pet is ready!

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What if my pet is afraid of the kennel or I want them sooner than the 4 hours? 

We offer an express service, where your pet is alone with a groomer, and will have minimal kennel time. This typically shortens the grooming process. 

This type of service must be booked in advance to allow proper scheduling of a one-on-one appointment with your pet. 

(Additional Fees Apply)

What if my pet has allergies?

Please let us know and we will not use any scents on your pet. We offer a Hypoallergenic shampoo for $8 that is unscented. (We can also do this if anyone in your family has sensitivities to perfumes!)

If your pet has any food allergies please let us know and we will avoid giving them anything they shouldn't eat!


What if my pet has a health condition?

If your pet has any health issues please let us know when scheduling your appointment so we can create the best service plan for them. We want your pet to be safe and comfortable while they are here.

My pet has a skin condition, can they still be groomed?

We will do our best to not irritate their skin. It may be best to use an upgraded shampoo. 

If your pet has been prescribed a shampoo by your vet, please bring it with you and we would be happy to use that!


*this is just an example of a vet perscribed shampoo*


Can I get a same day appointment?

We do require appointments for our bath & haircut services, but occasionally a groomer may have time for a same day appointment. It is best to call to see if we may have space for a same day/walk in appointment. Same day appointments may take longer than 4 hours.

We can usually take same day/walk in nail appointments. To guarantee a nail trim or nail dremel appointment it is best to call ahead. 

What do I need to book an appointment?

We require proof of your pets Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. Once you make your appointment a vaccine form will be sent to you where you can upload a copy of the records. You can also email them to us at or bring them with you to your appointment. 

If you would like a specific haircut for your pet you are more than welcome to email us photos and we will try to replicate it. When you come in to your appointment you will meet with a groomer to go over your pets services.

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If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at (512)-256-5044 or by email!

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